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How much time have you wasted online today?

I can give you a rough estimate of the minutes I frittered away just this morning:

  • 20 minutes spent reading comments on Reddit about the Dr. Strange movie (which is awesome, by the way)
  • 10 minutes spent reading about all the actors who have played Sherlock Holmes
  • 15 minutes looking stupid pictures of dogs (while eating breakfast, so this one isn’t as bad I suppose)

45 minutes, totally gone. And that’s just this morning.

Why do we waste so much time online? We know we should be studying, or writing a paper, or coding, or whatever – but instead we hit up Reddit. Or we scroll through Facebook with glazed-over eyes.

Sometimes we even waste time by reading articles about productivity. That wouldn’t be you right now, would it?

Anyway, let’s not waste any more time venting our frustrations. We’re here to eliminate all those hours we waste online, and I’ve got several effective solutions.

Sure, I’m not perfect. I still procrastinate. However, that 45 minutes I wasted this morning was followed by more than a few hours of solid work – and these techniques helped.

Down to brass tacks, padawan.

Lock Down Your Familiar Haunts

The best way to prevent yourself from wasting time online is to block your access to the places where you waste it. Plain and simple.

While blocking specific sites won’t prevent you from finding new ones to waste time at, it’s still effective. The idea is to make procrastination more effort than it’s worth.

If your brain is used to jetting over to Reddit or Facebook when you don’t want to work, block those two sites. It’ll take more mental effort to Google for something specific to waste time looking at than it will for you to just lazily scroll through your newsfeed.

Without a doubt, my current favorite tool for blocking distracting sites is an app called Cold Turkey. Available for Mac, Windows, and Android, Cold Turkey lets you block every digital distraction you can imagine, using customized lists of distracting sites. It’s currently available in a free version, which includes the site-blocking functionality I already mentioned, as well as a paid version that adds some additional features such as the ability to block other applications and schedule recurring blocking periods.

Here are some apps you can use to block familiar time-wasting sites when you’re working:

  • Focus (Mac)  – Focus lets you block distracting sites and apps for set amounts of time, as well as scheduling recurring “blocks of productivity.” It can also work as a Pomodoro timer for when you’re really procrastinating on something important. Focus is available in a 14-day free trial; after that, it’s a one-time purchase of $19.99.
  • Freedom (Windows, Mac, iOS)  – Similar to Focus and Cold Turkey, Freedom is another tool that can block sites and apps across browsers and platforms, Notably, it also includes support for blocking on iOS, which can be a boon to blocking distractions on your iPhone or iPad. (Honestly, though, how much “real” work do you actually use your iPhone for?) Freedom is available in a free trial that allows you to create seven blocking sessions; after that, it’s $6.99 a month (though other pricing plans are available).
  • FocalFilter (Windows) – FocalFilter allows you to block sites across multiple browsers. It doesn’t allow you to set recurring “blocked” periods, but if you just need a way to stay focused during a particularly difficult assignment, it’s still an excellent option.
  • SelfControl (Mac) – SelfControl works much the same way as FocalFilter, blocking sites for a predetermined period of time. Even if you restart your computer or delete the application, you won’t be able to access distracting sites until the timer is up (so carefully choose the sites you block!).

If you don’t want to use an app, you can also permanently block websites by editing the HOSTS file on Windows or etc/hosts on OS X.

To get really nuclear, make these changes on an Administrator account on your computer. Set a really complex password for that account, and store it somewhere safe on paper.

Do all your work on a non-admin account, and you’ll have no way to change your block settings unless you go get the password. This is way more intense than most people will need, but desperate times sometimes call for desperate measures.

If you need to write a paper, check out Cold Turkey Writer. Whereas the Cold Turkey app discussed above lets you selectively block certain sites and apps, Cold Turkey Writer straight-up turns your computer into a typewriter. After you decide on a word count goal, you’ll be presented with a full-screen writing area and a progress bar. Until you hit that word count goal, you can’t do anything else with your computer; you’re stuck in the app. Check out the video below for more details.

Hold Yourself Accountable

In my article on how you can learn anything on your own, I talk about a tool I use for making progress on my goals called Pick Four.

Pick Four is simply a notebook that helps me track what I’ve done each day on each of my goals. The idea is that seeing all the progress I’ve made on previous days will deter me from being lazy, as I won’t want to have a page that says “NOTHING” for my progress.

Even if you don’t want to track progress on specific goals, you can still use the idea underneath this practice, which is holding yourself accountable.

In the case of wasting less time online, the solution is time-tracking.

If you’re able to look at how much time you spend each day doing certain things, you’re less likely to waste a bunch of time on the internet because you know you’re going to feel guilty later when you review it.

This is the reason that keeping a food diary is so effective for people trying to lose weight. It’s why apps like Streaks are so popular. If you know you’re going to be held accountable – even just to yourself – you’re more likely to do what you need to do.

The easiest way to track your time is to use an extension like RescueTime to automatically track the amount of time you spend on each site.

“What gets measured gets managed.” I’m not perfect, but I’m getting better.

If you’d like to be even more proactive, use an app like toggl to manually plan out your day and track the time you spend on each task.

It does create more work (or work about work, as Chase Reeves would say), but if the time spent is outweighed by the time you spend not surfing distracting websites, then it’s a net positive effect.

Have a Work-Only Computer

If you’re one of those students with more than one computer (as an IT major, I always was), you can further remove the temptation to waste time by dedicating one of your computers solely to work.

Don’t install stuff like Steam, social media clients, or chat clients (unless they’re work-related). You can use the blocking techniques above to completely lock the computer down if needed as well.

If you use Chrome and have Chrome sync enabled for your account, consider using a different Google account on this computer so your time-wasting bookmarks don’t sync over. If you don’t want to do that, at least hide the bookmarks bar.

It’s even more effective if you use this computer in a different location than where you use your leisure computer.

Find a specific spot on campus, in a coffee shop, or somewhere else you like and think of it as your “office”. (Here are some more study spot ideas) Or pick new locations whenever you like – but don’t use the same room you game in.

Don’t have a second computer? You don’t need to go buy a new one just to use this technique. Just use computer labs on campus to do your work.

I actually did this quite often in school, and the lack of access to all of my time-wasting programs and bookmarks really helped me. It’s hard to slack off when you’re using a computer with nothing but IE (blegh) and Word, especially if you left your phone back in your dorm.

Tame Your Email Addiction

This is one of my worst habits.

Instead of focusing on one specific task, I’ll often stare futilely at my email inbox and try to clear it out.

The problem is that email keeps coming in all day. And some of it requires careful thought to reply to. Other messages require me to go and do something – schedule a meeting, do some research, etc.

By constantly checking my email throughout the day, I’m just switching my focus from one thing to another erratically, never giving myself enough time to truly focus on anything.

The solution is to simply block out time for email during the day. One block of time to focus on nothing but the inbox.

All other hours of the day are to be spent doing something else, with the email tab closed entirely.

While I’m not perfect at doing this, it certainly is effective when I do force myself to do it.

Related: Here are some more ways you can conquer your email.

Eliminate Notifications

Even when you’ve blocked access to your biggest time-sinks, you’re often bombarded by notifications that keep pulling your focus away from your work and, occasionally, send you down new time-wasting rabbit holes.

Solution: eliminate ’em.

  • Turn off all but the essential notifications in Notification Center on OS X
  • Get rid of notifications on your phone
  • Put your phone in Do Not Disturb mode when you’re working (you can set it up so you can still receive calls, either from everyone or just specific people)
  • Don’t keep social media apps and sites open during the day – check them at specific times instead

Remember that changing your focus from one thing to another always carries a switch cost, and those costs add up to many minutes of productive time lost. Each notification you disable gets rid of one more of those switch costs.

Get a Boss

While holding yourself accountable to your future self through time-tracking and self-review can be effective, being accountable to someone else is much, much better.

I sometimes miss the internship and part-time jobs I used to have. I much prefer being an entrepreneur, but one thing I had with those jobs was a boss.

Bosses get a bad rap in movies and Dilbert comics, but in reality, having a boss can be a boon to your productivity.

When I had a boss, I had no trouble getting my work done because knew there was someone who would put a boot up my ass if I didn’t get it done.

Now that I work for myself, there’s nobody that can do that. I can justify procrastination much more easily if I want.

When you’re a student, you’re in pretty much the same situation. You do at least have due dates on homework, but it’s not like the professor is going to yell at you if you don’t do it – you’ll just fail the assignment.

The situation is even worse when it comes to non-school things – making yourself more hirable, looking for scholarships, going to the gym, etc. There are lots of things you know you should do, but there’s nobody there to make you do it.

However, there are ways you can essentially manufacture a boss for yourself:

  • Become part of a mastermind group, and have a weekly meeting (Google Hangouts work well) to review what everyone’s gotten done since the last one
  • Tell a friend you want to finish something by a certain date, and you’ll give them $50 or do their laundry for a month if you don’t finish it
  • Get a productivity buddy, and report the day’s progress to each other each night

These are just a few ideas – you can come up with others yourself. I remember one of my friends had a huge programming assignment due at midnight one night, so he streamed his computer screen to UStream and told us to make sure he did it.

Now, Get Back to Work

Remember, reading articles on how to be more productive is yet another form of wasting time – unless you put what you’ve learned into practice.

So here’s my challenge to you: Take just one of the techniques that you’ve learned here and implement it. Install one of the apps I mentioned. Or hit up a buddy and start building a mastermind group.

Here’s to a more productive – and less distracted – semester!

In this post “how to do homework without getting distracted ” we will answer about what to do when you can’t focus on homework and how to focus on homework on the computer and how to stay focused on homework in college and how to focus on homework at night and how to stay focused on homework late at night then how to focus on homework and not procrastinate then how to motivate yourself to do well in school and how to focus on homework with ADHD . let’s see the answers :

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1-Production A Homework Activity Design

Record the majority of your assignments in your scratchpad or organizer. Along these lines, you will have a rundown of what you have to complete.[1]

Before leaving school, ensure you comprehend the task.

Approach your instructor for elucidation about what you should do, when the task is expected, and how it will be reviewed.

Ask to what extent every task should take, so you can plan to spend plan your chance.

2 what to do when you can’t focus on homework

Organize your assignments. Assignments which are justified regardless of a higher level of your review or that are additionally testing ought to be finished first.[2]

Take a gander at your task list.

Rank every task as far as significance.

Plan out how much time you have to spend on your homework for the night.

Choose in what arrange you will finish your assignments.

3 Plan your opportunity. Most understudies have between 1 to 3 hours of homework each night and regularly complete their homework when they return home.

In the event that you have after-school exercises in the late evening, you should set aside an alternate time.

Plan to take a seat and begin your homework at a particular time. Spending enough time for every task.

Plan to take a 5-minute break between real assignments. The vast majority can’t focus for quite a long time and huge chunks of time.

4-how to focus on homework on the computer

Pick an investigation territory with great lighting. You should have the capacity to see well and sufficiently bright places will be best for focus.

A brilliantly lit life with a window (open the window for natural air)

Have any homework supplies put aside in a canister or bushel around there? Things like pens, pencils, paper and so forth ought to be promptly available.

Faintly lit rooms are bad decisions for a homework region.

Without great lighting, you are probably going to be enticed to nod off or have a meandering core interest.

5-how to stay focused on homework in college

Pick a zone that has a table or work area. It doesn’t need to be extensive, however sufficiently huge for your PC and study materials.[4]

Ensure you have a decent, strong seat to sit on.

Abstain from sitting on a bed or delicate couch. These are not perfect surfaces to chip away at.

Ensure your seat doesn’t hurt your back or bears when you sit for long stretches.

Ensure your examination space is free of diversions. You ought to stay away from any room that has a television, other individuals making a commotion, hardware, telephones, or different clamors.

Kill any online networking before you take a seat to work in your examination zone.

Ensure you can’t hear or see TVs.

Kill your mobile phone.

how to focus on homework at night

In the event that you require a PC to work, close some other open applications or tabs on the PC.

Abstain from working in a territory where other individuals are probably going to influence clamor, to like a front room or kitchen.

You can play music out of sight on the off chance that it will muffle other irritating clamors that will divert you. Stick to something nonpartisan like traditional music so you aren’t enticed to listen too intently. Do whatever it takes not to utilize music with verses.

1. how to stay focused on homework late at night and Make homework a propensity.

You brush your teeth previously bed; it’s exactly what happens. Same with homework. You do homework after school. Or, on the other hand, you do homework after supper. Your timetable may differ from an every day, except by and large being reliable about when homework will happen guarantees that it will turn out to be second nature.

2. how to focus on homework and not procrastinate and Locate your ideal investigation space.

Getting your work done in generally a similar place each night will help bond the schedule. Regardless of whether it’s general society library, on your bed, or at the kitchen table, discover an investigation space to make your own. to motivate yourself to do well in school and  Dispose of pointless intrusions.

Diversions are frequently electronic however not generally (boisterous more youthful kin unquestionably tally!). Wear earphones. Hush those alluring application warnings. You most likely need your PC to do research or sort up your lit article so consider utilizing a program expansion like StayFocused to square incessantly diverting destinations (like your most loved blog or Instagram).

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4.  how to focus on homework with ADHD and Plan ahead.

Investigate all that you need to do and get together ALL the rigging you’ll have to do it. Have a trig test? Snatch your number cruncher. Perusing a section for science? Ensure a highlighter is helpful. Going on a look for provisions is a surefire approach to wreck homework.

5. Enormous undertakings? Begin little.

On the off chance that you have a major task approaching, similar to an exploration paper, remain persuaded by finishing a little bit of the undertaking each couple of days. It’s anything but difficult to get diverted if the task appears to be excessively confounded or has a far off due date. Notwithstanding composing only a couple of sentences a night will keep your article on track.

6. Offer your cerebrum a reprieve.

Our brains and bodies aren’t wired to do a similar thing for a really long time. Endeavoring to finish an entangled geometry issue set in one sitting could wind up disappointing you and influence you to need to surrender. Ensure you are permitting yourself a lot of breaks—walk the puppy, host a moving gathering, examine your Twitter channel—to jump-start the system and get the cerebrum moving.

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7. Move subjects.

You have homework from loads of various educators over numerous subjects. Who says you need to complete your Spanish discourse before proceeding onward to science? At the point when your mind begins meandering or you’ve sufficiently had, it’s alright (and frequently extremely beneficial!) to proceed onward to something unique. You may wind up moving subjects a couple of times before your assignments are finished.

8. Get free.

Your investigation routine doesn’t need to be dull, particularly on the off chance that you are “effectively” as opposed to inactively required with homework So take notes on sections as you read them. Or, on the other hand, make cheat sheets for vocab words. Don’t simply examine the science chart; endeavor to repeat it. The more detects that are engaged with the work, the more you will hold and the more outlandish you will daydream and read a similar thing again and again with no understanding.

9. Still, can’t center? We can offer assistance!

Once in a while, an “outside power” can be extremely arousing. In case you’re trapped, our online mentors are an accessible day in and day out and can enable you to get back on track in only a couple of minutes.

You’re not the only one with regards to diversions. It is difficult keeping focused when you have to work for quite a long time at any given moment, however, a few people can do it. Snap this connection discover data about composing administration that can truly help you! It’s interesting how all through our school days we were never instructed HOW to learn and be centered, despite the fact that that is everything we did. It was recently accepted, and eventually, it was all in or all out on regardless of whether we wound up knowing how to do those things by any stretch of the imagination.

1.Keep your objectives as a primary concern.

2.Reduce the disarray of your day by concentrating on 2-3 critical undertakings.

3.Do those assignments as quickly as time permits.

4.Focus on just the littlest piece of your work at once.

5.Visualize yourself working.

6.Control your inner diversions.

Straightforward Advice On How To Do Homework Without Getting Distracted

When you have homework to do, diversion can be your most exceedingly awful foe. It deteriorates when you understand that nowadays it is, in reality, simple to get occupied. We have such a large number of things that are occurring around us, and it will be critical to ensure that by all methods conceivable, you maintain a strategic distance from them and concentrate on your task. This is the main route for you to get grades that you need, and all the more significant, to ensure that you have a comment in the morning when the educator is asking for the assignments that were expected.

With a specific end goal to enable you to defeat the test of diversion when you have a task to chip away at, there are a few alternatives that you can investigate, choices that will regularly go far in keeping you on track. Take a gander at a portion of the ones that we will examine here and you will never need to stress over being not able clear your work in a great time:

Kill the systems

Locate a calm place in the house

Unwind and be simple

Have a timetable and keep to it

Kill the systems

There are a considerable measure of diversions that you can dispose of, yet one of the primary things that you should do is to kill your systems. Kill the telephone and concentrate on the work that you have to do. When you do this, you won’t just maintain a strategic distance from diversions, yet you will likewise figure out how to complete your function in record time.

Locate a tranquil place in the house

For you to figure out how to do your assignments with no diversions, one of alternate things that you need to do is to get a truly calm place inside the house from where you can get some peace and do your work here. It ought to resemble your haven where you can withdraw and do your work in peace.

Unwind and be simple

Attempt and unwind. You would prefer not to take a shot at your task when you are worried for one reason or the other. Along these lines, you will have the capacity to focus on the undertaking you are taking a shot at.

Have a timetable and keep to it

One of the most straightforward courses for you to get past some of this work is for you to concoct a timetable for your assignments. With a timetable it is truly simple to remain on track.

In the end of this article how to do homework without getting distracted, you help us provide more info by sharing our effort.

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