Sci 162 Week 8 Assignment

Unformatted text preview: muscle or group of muscles. Create a resistance exercise plan The ability to lift heavier objects or carry them longer Muscular Endurance The ability to perform high-intensity muscle contraction repeatedly without fatiguing Go running or swimming Increases metabolism, Reduces fatigue, Helps with posture, Fewer injuries, fewer back problems Flexibility The ability to move your joints through their full ranges of motions Stretch your muscles by doing yoga or tie chi both are good forms of stretching your muscles and joints Reduces muscle soreness, Improves posture, increases the blood flow and nutrients to tissues and improves muscle coordination Body Composition The amount and relative proportions and distributions of fat Staying fit, Watching what we eat balancing your Lower risk of heart disease and will improve your self-Physical Fitness Worksheet SCI/162 Version 6 2 mass and fat free mass in your body job, school and health esteem...
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Assignment 22Gene TherapyTechnology advances have made it possible for not only the auto or electronics industry. In the past we would only see sci-fi looking technology in movies or television. But today we are making some of those fantasy come true by cloning animals, people, and even curing illnesses. At the moment we can make this all come true. These days we can change people’s lives by changing organs and the improvements in gene technology have permitted researchers tochange a gene and modify genetics. We can grow mutations that are made to kill and or disable malfunctions in our bodies. In this day and age, we are able to genetically alter crops and even our animals. We have genetically changed a mosquito to aid in the control of mosquitoes that carry fatal diseases. What we once thought was imaginary is now starting to come true through testing and exploration. Some would say this type of treatment is challenging the laws of God, while others take it as a miracle in life.As stated by (Windelspecht, M., & Knight, J. 2013), gene therapy is presenting a genetically modified duplicate of a cell then placed into a cell that is diseased or has an unwantedtrait. Gene therapy is being used to aid in certain forms of cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and sickle cell anemia. Researchers are currently partaking in clinical trials with illnesses like cystic fibrosis. Further explanation from (Windelspecht, M. 2013) tells us that there are three forms of gene therapy. In-vivo gene therapy, ex-vivo gene therapy, and in-situ gene therapy.In-Situ gene therapy is a technique, when genetic material is introduced into a desired cell. Even though a great way to control the gene it is not always a good outcome because sometimes it’s difficult to hit the targeted gene. In-vivo gene therapy is a technique, when

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