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Security guard cover letters are written to match the specificity and authority of the resumes they mirror. Security guard resumes can range from simple mall security to high-level, top-secret clearance security at government facilities. As mentioned on the security officer sample page this industry groups most workers into four different categories. Each category’s cover letter will be slightly different from the other. Here is how they can vary:

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Residential Security

Residential cover letters will focus more on experiences, particularly years in the industry as listing employers is probably not very likely possible do to confidentiality agreements with previous clients.

Corporate Security

Corporate security cover letters, unlike residential letters  have the ability to highlight previous employers names, with larger corporations garnering more respect with industry HRs.

Government Security

Government security cover letters are faced with a challenge similar to residential security letters as listing employers, job duties and locations may not always be legally possible.

Personal Security

Since most personal security professionals work for larger contractor agencies mentioning employers is possible. These cover letters will focus on more personal skills than specific duties as well.

Listing personal skills is a key part of the security cover letter. Skills like combat skills, CPR and evasive driving are all very valuable.

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(Manager’s Name)

HR Manager

Company Name

Company Address


Dear Mr. /Mrs. /Ms. (Manager’s Name)

Your company recently advertised on the Website’s Name website for a Head Security Officer. Kindly accept this application from a highly resourceful and skilled professional who is proficient in driving efficiencies, devising safety, security, and loss prevention procedures, and enhancing existing company assets.

I am skilled in converting conflict scenarios into positive outcomes through effective problem-solving and complaint handing skills. Currently employed with Carter-William Hospital as the Head Security Officer, I am responsible for monitoring and ensuring the safety of the 400+ room hospital compound. I have successfully managed the scheduling for the securing team which has led to an average payroll saving of $4000. I am pleased to state that my experience in handling emergency situations and theft prevention is above par with your expectations. Additionally, the training that I have received has provided me with the knowledge to cope with unforeseen threats.

To further support your base requirements, I can bring an enthusiastic and perspective to this position. I take direction well, but am also capable of working independently.

My resume is enclosed for your consideration. I firmly believe that I would be an asset to your team and would very much appreciate the opportunity to discuss how my experience and certifications could contribute to your firm.         

Thank you for your time and consideration.




T: Phone number

E: email address

As you can see the above cover letter sample utilizes key information in paragraph form and not bullet points. Both are acceptable however if the previous security employer must remain anonymous then writing skills and qualifications in short, non-overly descriptive bullet form might be best.

Always remember your previous employers privacy and exercise discretion when mentioning work experience on future job applications.

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August 2010 to Current
Duke EnergyNuclear Auxiliary Operator
  • Fully qualified Non Licensed Operator responsible for the operation of various primary and secondary mechanical and electrical systems during plant start ups, shut downs, and daily operations, as well as emergency and abnormal conditions.
  • An active member of the plant's fire brigade and emergency repair team.
  • Crane operator qualified.
March 2005 to August 2010
Bay County Board of CommissionersInstrumentation and Control Technician
  • Responsible for servicing, maintaining, calibrating, repairing and installing the various process instrumentation and controls systems, electrical motor centers, variable frequency motor drives, soft-start motor drives, telemetry systems, and data acquisition systems for Bay County Florida's potable water and wastewater facilities.
June 1997 to January 2005
Montenay Bay LLCControl Board Operator
  • Responsible for start up, shut down and daily operation of a 500 tons per day waste to energy facility.
  • Performed calibrations on various temperature, pressure and flow instruments, and facilitated the proper plant chemistry control.
January 1996 to June 1997
Gulf Telephone and CommunicationsQuality Assurance Manager
  • Formulated, established, and implemented a company-wide quality management program for all phases of telephone line repeater remanufacturing.
January 1995 to October 1995
PJ EnterprisesStore Manager
  • Responsible for oversight and management of daily operations at a high volume Taco Bell franchise, including personnel accountability and training.
June 1988 to June 1994
US NavyReactor Operator
  • Four years of experience operating two reactor plants during critical and shutdown conditions.
  • Performed reactor startups and shutdowns while monitoring plant parameters to ensure reactor safety.
  • Selected as an outstanding reactor operator during the ships Annual reactor safeguards exam (ORSE) at which time the ship received a grade of Excellent.
Nuclear Prototype Training
Orlando, FL
Generic Fundamentals
Crystal River, FL
Naval Shipboard Firefighting School
Norfolk, VA
Electronics Technician/Nuclear Power School
Orlando, FL
A highly trained, safety oriented nuclear professional with more than 22 years of experience in a variety of capacities within the commercial nuclear, non nuclear, and navy nuclear industries. Recognized as a solid performer that works well under pressure and completes tasks with accuracy and attention to detail. Team player recognized for capacity to thrive in both independent and collaborative work environments. Track record of exceptional investigative, analytical, troubleshooting and diagnostic skill with the ability to clearly communicate the details.

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