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When the question is about this wonderful and mysterious country, people call it England. But the full name of ‘Her Majesty” is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The beauty of this country can be observed on a group of islands, where the variety of nature landscapes is flashing all over. The territory of the land occupies Great Britain itself, Ireland and a number of small islands. Beautiful, mystifying and matchless England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland form the whole Great Britain kingdom.

Looking at the country on a map, you can see that it is separated from the whole world like some kind of a fortress by the English Channel. Moreover, the Irish, North and Norwegian Seas along with the North Channel and the Atlantic Ocean seem like some kind of guardians on the watch of their stunning and magic kingdom!

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There’s an interesting paradox of this country. The point is that Great Britain is quite a small country. Still, in the whole world you will never find such a great variety of scenery. Wild mountains covering the landscapes of the Highlands of Scotland, the Cambrian Mountains in Wales, The Pennine Range and the Dover Cliffs are forming a true paradise on Earth.

Great Britain is famous for its ports, the main of which are Liverpool, London, Hull, and Glasgow. They attract tourists by not only its strategic functions, but its splendid harbors too. One of the other features, most loved by everyone, is its close proximity to the sea.

The climate of the country is the most…

Contrasting traditional and manufactured building essay Building has always made a sufficiently good input to Great Britain’s economy and has always been its strong and integral part.This new construction management is the way to successed and change the abutment of the traditional building no only in Britain but throughout the world. This improvement program in case of its complete realization will lead Great Britain from being an authority in constructing to being the best constructing industry ever.

Inferior and Superior Judges in UK Essay One of the reasons Great Britain is known all over the world owing to its powerful legal system.s every country Great Britain has its very own court system. Britain’s court system is managed by one of the mentioned government departments – the Department for Constitutional Affairs. t is a matter of common knowledge that there are two types of judges in Great Britain: inferior and superior judges. The juridical system of Great Britain is working hard on making the system more unadulterated and independent. Judicial independence, autonomy and objectivity still remain the primary goals of the British Law System.

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