Essays On Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional Development is a fundamental part of Teachers educational as only a Continuing Learning and training reassures a high level of knowledge and allows Teachers to keep their professional skills and knowledge up to date, examples of CPD consist of:

  • Work based learning.
  • Informal or practical

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    Describe the Importance of Continuing Professional Development

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    learning, which takes place round life and work experience.
  • Peer mentoring on job-shadowing.

CPD gives a new knowledge what may help us to deal with new or complicated situation, can also keep us to complete our goals. It also helps with keeping up to date with the latest Teaching techniques, regular reviews of procedures and practices, such as first aid and Child Protection.

Continuing professional development increase the standards of our skills set, to always be updating skills and developing knowledge, to be successful at work we do. In a school it is very important that we take strong interest in continuing professional development, it means that our standards are mostly like to be high and also would make it more interesting to parents seeking a placement for their child.

Being able to work together as a group is very important, illustrating to pupils that team is essential for a society to work in harmony. This should require that each member of the team to take on a specific role, sharing ideas and achievements. Effective teamwork between the school staff is very important as it ensures the smooth running of the school. Teacher team work is dependent on trusting, professional relationships with each other and with their supervisors.

As a result of teamwork teachers and teaching assistants improve the way in which they work together well to meet the needs of the children in their classes. Teachers working together and helping each other creates a good environment of team work that improves students performance and work confidence. The people in the school share the workload to allocate appropriate roles and responsibilities.

In a school environment the man purposes of the team are to: support and respect each other within the school team

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Describe the Importance of Continuing Professional Development

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including all members of staff and children provide a safe environment. The main team purpose of team works:
  • to provide a safe emotional environment for children;
  • to motivate children to use their full intellectual potential;
  • to support and respect one another.

In my setting there are a number of purposes and objectives of the team in which they work. The purpose and means towards aim and goals, the objective we are trying to achieve is to help all children to achieve their English, Maths and reading.

To prepare them to year 2, provide them with all round curriculum for year 1, assist in development and passion for learning and happiness in school and also safety atmosphere. The values form the foundation of the curriculum the following are our nine Hampton values:

  • Expectations.
  • Collaboration.
  • Independence.
  • Reflection.
  • Resilience.
  • Risk taking.
  • Creativity.
  • Enjoyment.
  • Aspiration.

Building positive relationships with peers and staff, the three aims at the school are: Successful- with an appetite for learning, lifelong passion for learning where they make progress and achieve. Confident- live safe healthy and rewarding lives

Responsible-making a positive contribution to our diverse and changing society. Giving general support within a specific class or department. Within a primary school the purpose of the Teacher assistant is to work with the class teacher and in many cases with other adults and assistants who work together.

Within a Secondary school the assistant is more likely to work within a specific department or subject that you have a particular strength in, such as Maths, English. A clear understanding of your weekly and daily activities and tasks should be available through discussions with teachers and access to plans.

Supporting a named child- if you work with an individual child you may also work alongside others such as SENCO or external professionals, who may come into the school such as the following:

  • Education welfare officer.
  • Occupational therapist.
  • Speech and language therapist.
  • Specialist teachers.

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Describe the Importance of Continuing Professional Development

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Continual professional development is improving ones skill and abilities benefiting the individual and the organisation. It is also taking responsibility for ones learning. In these changing times where most people no longer have a job for life, learning is crucial for employability, also as business technology evolves at a much faster pace, individuals need to keep up to date with latest way of doing things – CPD can help to achieve this. My development needs

There are different means by which you can develop your skills, knowledge and behaviours, for instance by accessing the Cipd website, reading daily alerts, resourcing journals online and by attending Cipd events I am able to keep up to date with current issues across the sector. I have already started to do this, and have booked myself onto some of the Cipd events. I can improve my knowledge by planning time to go through financial and reporting systems that my organisation uses, with my line/ store manager. I can also research the company intranet, as it contains a wealth of information. By attending ‘Vision’ courses in my workplace I start to think about my personal behaviours, such as self-awareness, which in turn can help me be a better role model for others. I have an interest in performance and reward management and so I am looking forward to the module on this, I will also be having a thorough look at this in my workplace, and also plan to look into performance and reward that our competitors offer.

CPD is important to me for the following reasons, 1, to enable me to improve my skill set making me more employable across the sector. 2, to help build my self-confidence, in a competitive job market. 3, to enable me to be aware of current goings on within the sector. 4, It will make me a more knowledgeable individual which will in turn benefit my team and organisation.

Development Options

There are many different ways of meeting continued professional needs, and different tools that can be used to help learning, these include reinforcement theories, cybernetic and information theories, cognitive theories and problem solving and the experiential learning cycle. There are different learning style questionnaires that help people to identify which style of learning suits them, this can then be used to deliver training and learning. For example, Honey and Mumfords learning cycle suggests the following learning styles, Activist, Reflector, Theorist and Pragmatist. The VARK questionnaire is a similar tool concentrating on Visual, Aural, Read and Kinaesthetic methods of learning.

In most cases people fall into more than one category, so learning styles need to be adapted so that people are able to get something out of the training. It is important to keep the training varied to account for this. Personally I prefer a mix of visual images to support my learning with some text. I also prefer to see something in conjunction with listening to a lecture, I find the visual image helps to embed the learning. It is important to be open to new styles of learning, and if I find that I am struggling with something using the internet to help find a different reports which I may find easier to understand.

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